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Core Values:

Integrity:   We will exercise the highest levels of integrity in all dealings with employees, customers and the communities we live and work in.

Safety:   We will insure our employees, customers and communities are protected through the use of all safety rules and regulations to include federal, state, local and company policies.

Customer Service:   We understand that our customers are the life blood through which we live and will strive to maintain the very highest level of customer service available.

Mission Statement:

Dura-Chem Inc. is committed to providing the highest core values of Integrity, Safety and Customer Service to our customers, while ensuring we provide the newest technology at competitive prices.

Bottom Line:  Modern Technology and Old Fashion Service!  


We maintain the highest of quality assurance.  Our chemical blending plant and sister-company is American Blending Co located in Norwalk, Ca.

 commitment to the Environment:
Dura-Chem Inc. will continue to research, create, produce and sell the most advanced green technologies to help protect the environment and secure it for generation to come.


California Distributor for Lincoln Products.   Fourth-generation zirconium nano-Technology.

Dura-Chem is the master stocking distributor of Heatbath products in Southern California.

Fluid storage & dispensing systems.   Mobile fluid handling carts.