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Electroless Nickel

Heatbath®'s Nitec® electroless nickel plating products include Low-Phos, Mid-Phos and High-Phos electroless nickel plating formulations; each engineered to satisfy your specific electroless nickel plating performance requirements. Nitec coatings provide extraordinary corrosion protection, exceptional wear resistance and excellent solderability at minimum plate thickness. Heatbath’s electroless nickel plating products are manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards in the industry. RoHS compliant electroless nickel formulations are available. Realizing that each plating line is unique, Heatbath Corporation can custom formulate an Electroless Nickel product to meet your specific processing needs and coating requirements.

High-Phos Electroless Nickel (10-13% Phosphorus)
Electroless Nickel coatings in the high-phosphorus range are used for their superior corrosion resistance.  The coatings produced are non-magnetic.  Heatbath®'s high phos electroless nickel formulas produce coatings that are both ELV and RoHS compliant.

Mid-Phos Electroless Nickel (5-9% Phosphorus)
Electroless Nickel coatings in the mid-phosphorus range are the most commonly used in the industry.  The coatings produced are known for their bright, aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Mid-phosphorus electroless nickel provides good corrosion protection as well as both increased hardness and wear resistance.

Low-Phos Electroless Nickel (1-4% Phosphorus)
Electroless Nickel coatings in the low-phosphorus range are known for their high as plated hardness and for their excellent wear resistance.  Low-phosphorous electroless nickel coatings also offer improved solderability, increased corrosion protection in alkaline environments and higher temperature resistance.