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Why IFH? Industrial Fluid Handling Solutions

Companies today are concentrating more and more on improving the efficiency of their operations by looking into areas once thought unimportant and irrelevant to the problems they faced.  One of the major areas of concentration today is that of Industrial Fluid Storage and Handling.

55 Gallon Drums: The Antiquated Way

Most companies design their fluid storage and handling areas around the typical fluid storage vessel; the 55-gallon drum.  Large amounts of money gets invested in drum pumps, containment cradles, drum racking, drum handling fork lifts, and many other products designed to work with 55-gallon drums. 

IFH Storage & Dispensing System: The Better Way

There is, however, an alternative solution to Industrial Fluid Storage and Handling issues that will eliminate the cost of wasted space, time, labor, fluids, and unnecessary equipment purchases.  The IFH Group, Inc. in Rock Falls, Illinois, has been developing centralized, streamlined fluid storage and dispensing systems and mobile lubrication carts for almost four decades now, and these have been proven to provide solutions to virtually all of the fluid handling problems manufacturing companies face today.

For example, nine 55-gallon drums (495 total gallons) take up approximately 120 square feet of floor space, whereas a nine-container Fluid Storage and Dispensing System (585 total gallons) takes up a total of only 19 square feet, for a savings of 101 square feet of valuable commercial floor space.

The IFH Fluid Storage and Dispensing System stores product close to the work area, cutting handling costs up to 80%.  Ease of product flow cuts retrieval time up to 50-70% over drums or pumps.  There is no drum tipping, pump cleaning or switching, and no major pump replacement costs.  Users save money while saving time and space.