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Paint Strippers


HTS 50 is a liquid solution designed to strip coatings from aluminum and steel.  It was developed to replace strippers that contain chlorinated hydrocarbons.  This product is used for original bath make-up.  H.T.S. 100 is used for replenishment.

  • Temperature: 150 – 190 degrees F
  • Concentration: 55%water – 45% H.T.S. 50  

H.T.S. 100

H.T.S. 100 is a concentrated paint stripper additive.  It should be used in conjunction with H.T.S. 50.  It was formulated to replenish key ingredients that are selectively depleted from H.T.S. 50 through normal use.

  • Temperature: 150 – 190 degrees F
  • Concentration: 1 – 3% will boost stripping when alkaline reserve is low.  


Stripper BW is an unusually fast organic coating remover.  This paint stripper is designed to replace Methylene Chloride and Sodium Hydroxide based products.  It's safe on most metals.  It has the added advantage of easy rinsing.

  • Temperature: 160 – 180 degrees
  • Concentration: as received  


V.O.C. Suppressing Oil was specifically designed to keep the volatile organic compounds in the paint strippers listed above from escaping into the atmosphere.

  • Maintain a 3” blanket over any product listed above.
  • Concentration: as received