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Plating Chemicals

Electro F
Electro F is a highly alkaline, highly conductive, electro cleaner for use on ferrous and other alkali unreactive metals.  This product contains a unique wetting system to emulsify oils and greases.  Excellent for both barrel and rack plating.

H.D.C. is a heavy duty powdered alkaline cleaning compound.  It is designed to remove stubborn soils by immersion process.  This product contains strong alkalinity and above normal level of surfactants.

Acid Pickling
Removal of surface rust, heat treat scale, and oxides is a critical step in surface preparation prior to any metal finishing process. Heatbath® Corporation offers a variety of choices for acid pickling including dry acid pickling salts and proprietary acid pickling mixtures - either hydrochloric or phosphoric acid based.  Acid inhibitors can be used to control the activity of your acid pickling bath and to prevent undo attack on the base metal.  In addition, we have a specialty line of Stainless Steel brighteners and passivates.        

Aluminum Finishing       
A diverse line of pre-treatment materials for Aluminum Anodizing and Chromating. Cleaners...ecologically safe and supplied in liquid or powder form. Used in both immersion or spray applications. Etchants...for a uniform etch and controlled microfinish. Deoxidizers...to remove smut and scale quickly and efficiently. Chromate Conversion Coatings...for better paint adhesion and increased resistance to corrosion. Zincates...for enhanced plate adhesion. Sealants...for aluminum anodizing operations.             

Black Oxide Finishing
New technologies and innovative product applications are expanding opportunities for today's black oxide finishers. Heatbath® Corporation formulates, manufactures, markets and services a comprehensive line of proprietary Pentrate® black oxide products to achieve the blackest possible finish with maximum corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. For use on steel, zinc, stainless steel, copper, cast and malleable irons, Heatbath's black oxide formulations are available in both liquid and powder forms. Supplementary products for black oxide finishing powdered metal, assemblies and silver soldered components are also available.

Chromate Conversion Coatings
Heatbath® Corporation supplies a complete line of chromate conversion coatings. Duracoat® and Chromax® products are specifically formulated to provide outstanding color and corrosion protection along with long tank life and ease of operation. A wide range of chromate conversion coatings are available: blue-bright, iridescent, golden yellow, olive drab, matte black and bronze. High performance trivalent chromate conversion coatings are available for applications where hexavalent chrome containing coatings are prohibited.

Decorative Plating
Heatbath® Corporation offers a complete line of products for decorative plating. Versatile copper system applications range from strikes for adhesion, conductive coatings, masking for heat-treating, level and ductile deposits for buffing, or a final bright finish. Single additive and matrix nickel systems can be combined to meet the most stringent corrosion resistance requirements and visual standards. Choose from a variety of chrome additives to simplify control of catalysts, control mists and reduce surface tension for decorative and hard chromium applications. All decorative plating products are formulated to be easy to control and performance tested for even the most difficult applications. A few of our more popular decorative plating products are outlined in this web page. Other custom blends and specialty additives are also available. Please contact our Decorative Plating Experts for additional information.

Electroless Nickel Plating
Heatbath®'s Nitec® electroless nickel plating products include Low-Phos, Mid-Phos and High-Phos electroless nickel plating formulations; each engineered to satisfy your specific electroless nickel plating performance requirements. Nitec coatings provide extraordinary corrosion protection, exceptional wear resistance and excellent solderability at minimum plate thickness. Heatbath’s electroless nickel plating products are manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards in the industry. RoHS compliant electroless nickel formulations are available. Realizing that each plating line is unique, Heatbath Corporation can custom formulate an Electroless Nickel product to meet your specific processing needs and coating requirements. NEW! NITEC VIRO-BRITE Lead and Cadmium Free Mid-Phos Electroless Nickel!

Plating Brighteners
Heatbath® Corporation offers a broad range of high performance zinc plating brighteners for cyanide, non-cyanide, acid chloride and mixed chloride zinc plating baths. For barrel and rack applications and for manual and automatic lines. Produce brilliant zinc deposits directly from plating bath. Minimize waste disposal problems without sacrificing quality. Excellent throwing power and adhesion properties, high stability, complete solubility, low consumption, long life and low cost.   


Heatbath® Corporation offers a variety of aqueous strippers for electro deposited coatings, paint and electroless nickel coatings. Cyanide-free products and products which are safe for use on various base metals. MOLTEN SALT STRIPPERS are also available and outlined in the Cleaning and Descaling section of our Park Metallurgical website.

Wire and Tube Products
New technologies and innovative product applications are expanding opportunities for today's wire and tube industries.